S1E6: Co(yot)existence — how to live with coyotes

S1E6: Co(yot)existence — how to live with coyotes

Alicia PikeAlicia PikeHost
Chris ClarkeChris ClarkeHost

They're more complicated than the howling silhouette on your bespoke candle holder from Santa Fe, and more interesting. Chris and Alicia discuss living with coyotes in the desert, what they offer, what they don't offer, and how we can best get along. Also: updates on Colorado River drought and Cima Dome wildflowers.  

Chris mentions the new publication Joshua Tree Voice, which you can find here. The article Chris mentions is here.

Project Coyote, which offers an immense amount of education and wisdom about living with coyotes, can be found here.

Episode image © Peter Thoeny, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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