S2E1: Larrea tridentata a.k.a. the Humble Creosote

S2E1: Larrea tridentata a.k.a. the Humble Creosote

Chris ClarkeChris ClarkeHost
Alicia PikeAlicia PikeHost
Chris ClarkeChris ClarkeCo-Host
Alicia PikeAlicia PikeCo-Host

Welcome to Season 2! Chris and Alicia spend time communing with an 11,700-year-old creosote in the Mojave Desert, and discuss the species' importance as well as the ethics of treating millennia-old beings as disposable.

King Clone's Wikipedia page is here. 

If for some reason you want to learn more about creosote gall midges, you can start here

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If you're looking for the link to Letters From the Desert, it's here.

And here's the obligatory trail selfie!

Alicia and Chris in the desert

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