S2E10 Save Ash Meadows!

S2E10 Save Ash Meadows!

We need your help to keep a mining company from destroying the most diverse desert habitat in North America.

Mason Voehl from the Amargosa Conservancy joins hosts Chris Clarke and Alicia Pike to discuss the dire threat posed by a Canadian mining company's plans to conduct exploratory drilling for lithium near the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Nevada. The drilling could potentially puncture the aquifer and cause catastrophic damage to the fragile ecosystem. The hosts highlight the conflict between the need for renewable energy and the preservation of biodiversity, and call for public support to protect Ash Meadows. They provide a petition and encourage donations to the Amargosa Conservancy to help in the fight.

Episode photo of Devils Hole pupfish by Olin Feuerbacher/US Fish and Wildlife Service

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