S2E3: Governor Ducey's Border Wall Comes Down

S2E3: Governor Ducey's Border Wall Comes Down

Republican Doug Ducey is the first ever US official to remove a border wall. But he'd probably prefer it not be spun that way.

In late 2022, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey ordered the illegal construction of sections of ineffective but ecologically disastrous border wall made out of shipping containers. Then, in response to a federal order as he prepared to leave office, he ordered that wall torn down. Protesters on the ground helped in a big way, by forcing contractors to stop work on the project.

We talk to Melissa Del Bosque, co-founder of the Border Chronicle project, a podcast and email newsletter reporting on border issues from Tucson, AZ. Our interview is accompanied by audio recorded on the scene of the illegal border container wall by Patrick Donnelly of the Center for Biological Diversity.

Links we promised in the show

Here's a sample of Border Chronicle's work on the Border-Industrial Complex, in a piece by Todd Miller.

Check out the Sky Island Alliance's website.

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