S3E17: Submerged No More! Restoring Chemehuevi Land and Traditions

S3E17: Submerged No More! Restoring Chemehuevi Land and Traditions

Corn, squash, and beans aren’t just crops; they’re living symbols of resilience, culture, and hope.

Daniel Leivas, Southern Paiute-Chemehuevi from Lake Havasu, shares his journey of reviving ancestral agricultural practices on the Chemehuevi Nation's traditional farm. He narrates how his family transformed the land into a thriving ecosystem. Exploring connections between the land, water, and spirit, Leivas recounts battles with wildlife, environmental conservation efforts, and cultural preservation. Chris Clarke discusses the broader impact of water projects on Native lands while highlighting the resilience and cultural revival spearheaded by Leivas and his community. A deep dive into heritage, sustainability, and the power of connection.

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