S3E4: Nevada Supreme Court Upholds Water Protections for Desert Wildlife

S3E4: Nevada Supreme Court Upholds Water Protections for Desert Wildlife

We delve into the recent victory in Nevada's Supreme Court and its implications for sustainable water management.

In this episode, host Chris Clarke speaks with Patrick Donnelly of the Center for Biological Diversity about a significant victory in the Nevada Supreme Court regarding water rights. They discuss the case of Coyote Springs, a proposed city in the desert that would have a detrimental effect on the Muddy River and its endangered species. The court ruling sets a precedent for managing groundwater and surface water as a single resource, potentially affecting other areas in Nevada facing similar water issues. This episode sheds light on the importance of protecting desert ecosystems and the interconnectedness of water resources.

Read the Center for Biological Diversity's press release on the Nevada Supreme Court decision.

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