desert protection

May 21, 2024

S3E16: Ash Meadows Faces New Mining Threat

In this episode we welcome back Mason Voehl from the Amargosa Conservancy for an engaging and informative update on the situation surrounding Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge and the threat of lithium mining explorations

March 06, 2024

S3E7: Saving the Chihuahuan Desert with Frontera Land Alliance

Chris Clarke speaks with Janae Reneaud Field, Kathia Gonzalez, and Rocio Ronquillo from El Paso's Frontera Land Alliance, who share their efforts to protect the Castner Range National Monument and educate the community about the importance of preserving the Chihuahuan Desert's unique ecosystem.

February 27, 2024

S3E6: Joshua Trees and Family Trees

An excerpt from the host's forthcoming book on Joshua trees

January 29, 2024

S3E3: The Fight Against Flamingo 640; How a Community Stood Up to Big Development

In this episode of "90 Miles from Needles," host Chris Clarke discusses the fight against a proposed glamping project called Flamingo 640 in the California desert. Clarke is joined by community member Caroline Partamian, former president of the Homestead Valley Community Council Justin Marino, and...