desert protection podcast

June 18, 2024

S3E19: Oh, those dark desert skies

Mitch Miller and Steve Bardwell join us to discuss the significance of dark skies. "Light pollution is like bringing up the house lights during the best song," says Mitch. Learn more about protecting our dark skies with 90 Miles from Needles.

June 11, 2024

S3E18: Don't Die Today! Staying Safe in Desert Heat

We delve into the dangers of desert heat in this episode. Learn about heat-related injuries, from sunburn and heat cramps to the severe threat of heatstroke and a lesser-known peril: pavement burns experienced by vulnerable populations. Practical tips for staying safe amidst climbing temperatures ...

April 25, 2024

S3E12: Our 50th Episode

The desert needs you more than ever.

April 16, 2024

S3E11: Desert Stories

A compelling perspective on the symbolic and literal connections between humans and the natural desert environment.