June 11, 2024

S3E18: Don't Die Today! Staying Safe in Desert Heat

We delve into the dangers of desert heat in this episode. Learn about heat-related injuries, from sunburn and heat cramps to the severe threat of heatstroke and a lesser-known peril: pavement burns experienced by vulnerable populations. Practical tips for staying safe amidst climbing temperatures ...

April 16, 2024

S3E11: Desert Stories

A compelling perspective on the symbolic and literal connections between humans and the natural desert environment.

January 29, 2024

S3E3: The Fight Against Flamingo 640; How a Community Stood Up to Big Development

In this episode of "90 Miles from Needles," host Chris Clarke discusses the fight against a proposed glamping project called Flamingo 640 in the California desert. Clarke is joined by community member Caroline Partamian, former president of the Homestead Valley Community Council Justin Marino, and...

November 27, 2023

S2E15: On Giving Tuesday, Make a Difference for the Desert

As we approach the end of the year, Chris can't help but think about the challenges the deserts will face in 2024. Join us in protecting these precious landscapes. Donate today!